A little about me

Hey there, my name is Robert Muresian (but, you can call me Rob). I've been living in Melbourne, Australia my entire life and I simply love to be a creative guy. Design and music is the way I love to be creative everyday.

My interests in digital design started early High school when I saw what a friend was making with Photoshop and I just thought "that's sick!" (Darron, you're still one of the coolest guys I know!). Since then, I started making my own things and have now moved into all kinds of areas in the digital universe from creating websites to designing for print and digital graphic design to helping businesses grow their prescence online to producing and editing videos. These things are all tie together nicely and I love creating different kinds of content.

When i'm not doing design stuff, you'll find me playing music, helping others with their IT problems, out in the field as an Audio Visual Technician setting up and operating exciting events and keeping active playing baseball with great people.

You can reach me on email, Linkedin or Behance

Till next time,